Volunteers and Student Interns

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伟德棋牌平台以提供卓越的病人护理而闻名,伟德棋牌网站的病人调查也证明了这一点! 如果您喜欢在以团队为中心的环境中工作,您的输入和专业判断对高度个性化的病人护理至关重要, we’d like to learn more about your professional goals.

The Volunteer Program at York Hospital has a place for everyone. 你可能退休了,忙于你的事业,一个全职父母,年轻的或年长的,男性或女性. Our Hospital has varied opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. Volunteers assist patients, families, 以及约克郡医院和社区内许多不同地区的工作人员, Kittery, Berwick, South Berwick, Wells, Sanford, and Kennebunk.


Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Patient Rounders – 和医院周围的病人和家属谈谈他们在这里的经历
  • Physician’s offices – helping where needed in many of our physician practices
  • Bridges/transportation – 伟德棋牌平台的桥梁项目是一个志愿者项目,它把伟德棋牌平台的病人介绍给社区里的某人,这个人每周提供签到服务,并帮助购物, visiting and companionship, transportation, or errands.
  • Reiki Services – providing relaxation treatments for patients
  • Pet Therapy – bringing certified pets in the hospital to visit with patients and families
  • Clerical Services – 在整个医院系统中帮助许多支持服务,包括文件归档和日常办公工作
  • Greeters/information – providing a warm greeting at the entrances to York Hospital and providing information
  • Dining services – delivering meals to community members or trays and snacks to patients in the hospital
  • Newspaper delivery – delivering the daily paper to patients so they can start their day informed
  • Clinical Areas – assisting the clinical teams in many areas with support services and errands
  • Pastoral Care – providing spiritual support for those who need guidance
  • Emergency Services – assisting patients and families with support needs during unexpected visits.
  • Environment Services/Interior Design – helping with artwork and other environmental needs
  • Special Events & Fundraising – 许多志愿者帮助医院筹集资金,策划和举办成功的活动.
  • Patient Advisors – a committee of community members to provide insight, opinions, 以及帮助加强医院每天提供不可思议体验的能力的想法. Click here to download an application, or feel free to contact the Volunteer office at (207) 351-2224 for more information.

    For scholarship opportunities for those interested in pursuing higher education, click here


Student Interns

伟德棋牌平台为参加学校项目并希望满足项目实习要求的学生提供实践经验. 学生可以在学校指导老师的帮助下找到自己的伟德棋牌平台导师,或与志愿者和学生体验办公室合作,以获得就业机会. To begin the process, all students fill out a Student Application and Student Confidentiality Agreement and submit it to Volunteer and Student Experiences.

Please note: The above applies to all students except undergraduate RN students. 对本科注册护士的临床教育经验有不同的处理方式,并通过伟德棋牌网站的临床教育办公室. Students must be accepted via the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS). 所有在主医院校园完成实习的护理学生必须在开始前完成CCPS在线培训计划. For more information, please contact the Clinical Education office at or [email protected].


Medical Assistant (MA) Apprentice program

York Hospital is a patient-centered, independent hospital located within a beautiful seaside community. 伟德棋牌网站很自豪能提供最好的临床专业知识和医疗保健所提供的技术进步. Our team members are committed to caring for every patient, their families, and one another, by instilling our vision of Loving Kindness to all. York Hospital has several primary care practices throughout all of southern Maine including York, Kittery, Wells, Sanford, and South Berwick.

Summary of MA Apprentice Program

伟德棋牌平台与约克郡社区学院(YCCC)合作,在2021年秋季提供六个硕士学徒项目的学生职位. 这些职位需要每周工作20个带薪临床小时,同时参加YCCC课程,在9个月的课程结束时获得硕士证书. 伟德棋牌网站在约克郡的一家约克家庭诊所提供实习机会, Kittery, Wells, Sanford or South Berwick. 医疗助理与医疗团队一起工作,在医疗服务提供者和医疗服务经理的监督和指导下,在办公室环境中协助提供直接和间接的病人护理. This includes, but is not limited to, utilization of skills in organization, planning, implementing, screening, and providing care through the use of hospital and practice standards of care.

  • Part-Time – Day Shift (20 hours/week)
  • Nursing/Clinical Support
  • Click here to apply to the York Hospital and YCCC Medical Assistant Apprentice Program
  • If you would like additional information about YCCC and the MA Apprentice Program, click here

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist care according to YH protocols and procedures; demonstrate clinical competence in office-specific procedural skills, treatments, patient/caregiver education, and acts as a patient advocate in the delivery and coordination of patient care.
  • Perform initial patient intake inclusive of rooming patients, obtain/review patient personal/medical/ medication/allergy history, collection of vital signs, height/weight, complete health screening tools, and complete documentation/record keeping.
  • 使用计算机化的病历系统完成各种数据输入和信息检索任务. Sort, file, forward, and scan information into electronic record systems as directed.
  • Follow-up on test results by checking for outstanding results, 根据服务提供者的指示和适当的时间安排进一步的预约或会诊, give out/send prescriptions authorized by provider etc.
  • Practice specific competencies which may include: perform basic lab work; draw specimens and process or send to lab per office protocols, prepare other lab specimens such as cultures, UA, pap smears, etc. for lab pick up; provide minor procedural assists and perform point of care tests as directed by provider: EKG, strep screens, HgA1C, etc.
  • Administer immunization/medications per provider direction
  • Assist with patient registry management, participating in patient reminder processes and health promotion efforts, as well as previsit planning and chart prep.
  • Provide optimal customer service to a member of the care team in person, by phone, 或者其他由实践支持的患者消息系统,作为患者和实践团队之间的联络人,提供卓越的患者体验.
  • Organize exam rooms, 设置房间的程序, do general cleaning and office upkeep, assist with quality monitoring/record keeping/inventory of equipment/supplies.
  • Ability to organize and multitask as a forward-thinker, and remain calm and personable in a fast-paced medical office setting
  • Provide efficient and effective care working with Providers during clinical sessions, as a reliable, flexible, and dependable team member. 表现出学习和适应不断变化的卫生保健环境的意愿.
  • Collaborate with other health care providers, physicians, Practice Manager, clinical staff, and support staff regarding practice and patient needs.
  • Other duties as assigned.Competencies Required:
      • Planning/Organizing
      • Dependability
      • Multitasking
      • Problem-solving
      • Oral Communication
      • Teamwork
      • Professionalism
      • High energy
      • Follow-through
      • Customer Service
      • Collaboration
      • Interpersonal skills

    In order to help us continue to provide exceptional patient care experiences, we will need you to have the following:

    High School Diploma or equivalent preferred. 必须被约克郡社区学院接受和登记参加医疗辅助学徒计划. Throughout the Apprenticeship, 所有课程,包括技能实验室,必须通过C或更好的成绩,以继续学徒阶段.

    Must maintain confidentiality at all times. 良好的沟通和人际交往能力是与病人交流的必要条件, physicians, 主管和其他员工在与他人相处时表现出同情和关怀的能力. 有组织和完成多项任务的能力,并能灵活地适应日常变化的需求. Ability to project a pleasant and professional image even under stressful situations.

    Living loving kindness is more than patient-centered care. It’s about our people! 这一承诺的一部分是始终为伟德棋牌网站的团队成员提供与他们的激情相呼应的福利. For that reason, York Hospital offers MA Apprentices, their dependents, and domestic partners a full suite of benefits. We encourage you to review our full benefits by clicking here.


    Thank You to our YH Volunteers

每一位YH志愿者都是伟德棋牌平台拼图中独特而重要的一块. 在义工感恩周期间,伟德棋牌网站收到了许多伟德棋牌平台YH义工的美好祝福. It is our pleasure to share those sentiments here 并呈现一幅丰富多彩的完整画面,真实地展示了伟德棋牌平台提供安全的使命, trusted, quality care, with loving kindness, to our patients and our community.  Please take a moment to read about our amazing and dedicated volunteers. 感谢每一个人——志愿者和护理人员——他们帮助确保伟德棋牌平台是受欢迎的, caring, beacon of hope and healing in our community.